Meet the Greens!

Hey there! Our names are Benjamin and Meredith Green and we are so glad you’re here. We love getting to know our readers personally when we can, so we would love to hear from you in comments, on our social media, or through email anytime you please!

But first, let us introduce ourselves!

Benjamin and Meredith Green

We are a couple of desert dwelling, fun loving, high school sweethearts with a love and passion for our Savior. (Though the longer you stick around here, the more you will see how very different our personalities are!)

nose squish

We got married on January 4, 2014 at a simple but beautiful antique-and-lace wedding. It was the middle of our sophomore year of college and we were young — only 19 and 20! But it was good for us to be married in college, we think, not to mention a lot of fun (only partially because of the fun of watching people’s faces when they found out!).

Now we are in the middle of another great adventure – moving to Casa Grande, Arizona to start ministering to the people there while going to Bible college online. We don’t have a super clear picture about what God wants us to do there, but we know for sure He has called us and it has been fun to watch Him fill in the blanks as we go along (fun and nerve-wracking, that is).

Other than that, we love going out to eat (Chipotle!!), watching lots of TV, and being much sillier than most people have any idea of : P


Here’s a little more about each of us, if you’re curious:


Headshot 2


  • graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Elementary Education and LOVES talking to and teaching little ones. She did her student teaching in 1st grade and made some of the best friends of her life. : ) Now she is excited to see how God will use her passion for teaching to reach kids with the gospel!
  • loves writing… anything! – blog posts, articles, short stories, a super top-secret novel (shh!)…
  • is obsessed with travel, languages, and culture! She would love to spend months at a time in places like India, Argentina, Peru, Austria, Spain, Wales, Italy… If only it didn’t, you know, cost money…



  • graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Information Science and Technology… Good luck figuring out what that means. Even he has trouble explaining it : )
  • is a computer nerd (if you didn’t guess from the bullet above). He has worked as an IT guy for a few years and can give you the run down of most popular products on the market today.
  • has a passion for politics and fixing the problems in our political system (If you want to hear more about this, check out his podcast on OUTSET called Second Look).
  • loves the piano and has been playing since age 4. (Side note from Meredith: He is amazingly good!!).
  • loves to live life on the fun side – bringing in fun and silliness into every aspect of life!